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Doctor Who: This story takes place between scenes 686 and 687 of my Doctor Who story The Aresian Saga. When this story opens, Desariella has been traveling with the Doctor for 5 years, "TARDIS Time". For Jack, back on Earth, only a few months have passed since he last saw them.

Robin Hood BBC: This story opens with a variation of scene 501 of my Robin Hood story Second Chances.

Torchwood: "Children of Earth" takes place in Sept 2009, and "Miracle Day" takes place March 2011. Jack's appearance here is set in 2010 which is between the two.

Spooks: Series 8 is set in 2009 and Series 9 is set in 2010.

This story covers some of the missing years from The Aresian Saga

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Author Note

  • The ROBIN HOOD portion of this story was written in 2013. It was written way before the 8th series episode "Robot of Sherwood" aired.
  • The SPOOKS portion was written in 2014.
  • The Aresian Saga: Desariella's adventures with the 11th Doctor take place between the 6th series episodes "The God Complex" and "Closing Time"



Lucas & Harry

Lucas North

Rest of Series 9 Cast (Beth, Tariq, Dimitri, Ruth)

Robin Hood

Robin Hood Cast

Sir Guy of Gisborne

{the Aresian Sa