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RATING001.GIF Some scenes may contain graphic sexual content

Opening Note[]

For the Purpose of this story, please accept the following:

1. Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (HTLJ): Ignore every episode that aired
   after the second season episode entitled “The Wedding of Alcmene”.
   (Airdate April 1996)

   Since the events portrayed in YOUNG HERCULES (YH) technically take place 
   before HTLJ even started, they are fair game. Also, any YH flashbacks that
   were part of a HTLJ episode, are also fair game and can be alluded to.
2. Xena: Warrior Princess (XWP): Ignore every episode that aired after the 
   first season episode “Death Mask” (Airdate June 1996).

   Xena’s first appearance in this saga, takes place shortly after the events
   of that episode. 

   Any episode of Xena that does not directly impact the characters in HTLJ can
   still be deemed to have taken place. I mean Xena is doing something when she
   isn’t in my story, right? (In other words, if, at the end of an episode
   everybody’s fine, or back to normal, and no permanent damage is done, it is
   allowed and can be referred to.)
3. Highlander: The Series: Assume that, after learning Methos was one of the 
   Four Horseman, MacLeod left Paris and returned to the States.

   Therefore every episode after “Revelations 6:8” (airdate Feb 15 1997)
   never happened.

I hope you enjoy my saga of the adventures of DIANA MARSSON. I started writing this Saga in 1996. But had to make a few adjustments when we learned more information about certain characters. The finished first draft of this complete saga in 1998. That is why the chapters are copyrighted 1998.

(Note: The ending to "The Final Chapter" was rewritten after the DOWNFALL OF THE GODS storyline aired on HTLJ & XWP)

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Part 4[]

Part 5[]

There may be future Chapters written that take place between Chapters 20 and the FINAL Chapter. (That is why the FINAL Chapter is not called Chapter 21. )


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