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This is from The Final Chapter of The Chronicles of Diana Marsson

Oh what a tangled web we weave,
when with the fabric of Time we do intercede.

If you compare Time to a book,
the future’s the sequel, the past can be read with a look.

When playing in Time, one thing you must recall
change the past – you could change it all.

One tiny event many seem to be innocent
but with time, it may have been significant

For one event leads into another
Change one thing, the result would alter
the sequence of events leading to your present
so that when you return, it you may resent.

The first incursion was part of Hera’s call.
To get rid of Herc’s meddling once and for all.

The second seemed at time a good bet
To let Herc see Clark, the son he’d not yet met.

And now my dear, I’ve come to conclude
That you were right when you said, with Time we must once more intrude.

For things are not going as they should
You can fix it, my love, I know you could.

If you return to the day He entered my sight
Stop him, send him back, everything will be right.

And when you succeed, you’ll have what you wanted
You and I’ll be together, forever, unhaunted
By the ghosts of this future’s past
We’ll have eternity, we’ll have a blast.